Sellers check list

It is recommended that you make sure:

Check listYou have provided a registration certificate in the seller’s name, although this is not proof of ownership

You have obtained a Queensland safety certificate

The Queensland safety certificate has not expired, or exceeded the 2000 km limit allowed to be travelled before a new safety certificate is required, and identifies the issuing approved inspection station

The Queensland safety certificate is attached to a conspicuous part of the vehicle when it is offered for sale

If the vehicle runs on gas or is fitted with gas appliances, fittings or systems the vehicle may require a gas certificate (which you must provide to the buyer). The certificate must not be more than 3 months old and be from an authorised gas installer

Both sections of the Transfer of Vehicle Registration form (F3520) have been completed and signed by both the person selling the vehicle and the person buying the vehicle

You keep Part B (Proof of Transfer/Notice of Disposal) of the Transfer of Vehicle Registration Application form

You keep the yellow copy of the Queensland safety certificate

You keep the above documents as proof of transfer until the vehicle is transferred out of your name

If you (the seller) reasonably believe the buyer has not applied for transfer of the vehicle’s registration within 14 days, you may lodge Part B (Proof of Transfer/Notice of Disposal) at a Queensland Transport Department together with a copy of the Queensland safety certificate/certificate of inspection.