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We are a fully equipped workshop, have qualified motor mechanics and licensed vehicle inspectors. We are an approved inspection station, authorised to carry out Qld safety certificate inspections on the Gold Coast for cars up to 4.5 ton.

In Queensland a roadworthy certificate is called a safety certificate.

In Queensland all registered vehicles must have a current Qld safety certificate before they are offered for sale. It confirms that a vehicle has passed a minimum safety standard inspection. The safety certificate offers buyers better protection and makes sure vehicles being offered for sale or being re-registered are safe, reducing the likelihood of crashes caused by defective vehicles.

Note: A safety certificate inspection is NOT a comprehensive mechanical inspection of a vehicle. It is highly recommended before you purchase a used vehicle, to have an independent mechanical inspection or “pre-purchase” inspection carried out. This will give you peace of mind you know exactly what condition the vehicle is in, before you buy it, so there wont be any nasty surprises.

Approval for Qld safety certificate inspectionsWhen purchasing a second hand vehicle, we would strongly recommend checking the vehicles history, to make sure that the vehicle you are buying does not have a security interest over it. For example, if you buy a vehicle that still has money owing on it; the vehicle could be repossessed by the person who lent money against it.

Queensland Government’s vehicle information check (Vcheck) service is no longer operating.

You can now complete a vehicle history check through the Federal Governments Personal Property Securities (PPS) Register or by phoning 1300007777.

The PPS Register replaces all national registers of encumbrance including Queensland’s REVS check for vehicles. PPS register displays encumbrance (monies or interest) and written off and stolen vehicle details for:

  • cars
  • boats
  • motorcycles

See our Forms page for a link to the PPS Register.

We have a fully equipped modern workshop, that is able to carry out any mechanical repairs to bring your vehicle to Roadworthy standards. Some of these repairs may include: Brakes and suspension repairs, tyres, oil leak repairs, windscreens and exhaust repairs. What ever the repair, we can help you, and if we cant do it, we will know someone who can.